This web site allows you to view Top YouTube Video Charts for free. Why I have created this project? Well, I had an idea to lead an own blog in Telegram Channel The blog is about IT, parties, life in the Netherlands and Ukraine, life hacks etc. I don't want to limit myself with 1 subject, but also I don't write posts about every move I do during the day. Sometimes I might have no time to write posts or might not have good mood for it, but still I want to be in contact with you, subscriber. For this purpose I have created a Telegram Bot which every week makes a post with a list of Weekly Top Video Chart. So, even if there are no posts from me you get weekly YouTube Music Videos chart updates. Subscribe to my Telegram Channel I think you'll like it.

I was need to practice on creating a Top YouTube Video Charts and view results and so I created this web site. Also it was interesting to me which YouTube Music Videos are most viewed?! There are several web sites that show such info but all of them have lots of advertisements, haven't been updated for a long time and have only few videos in the chart. I have decided to fix it and so created All Time Music Videos chart on my web site too. At some point I was not able to stop myself in developing the web site as it was fun and challenging. On this project I have practiced few technologies that I haven't used before, for example, Progressive Web Application(PWA) and multi threading. Thanks Olha for the web design and logo.

I generate YouTube Video Charts once per month in different dates as YouTube limits daily API requests. TopChart algorithm is based on total views and date when video was published. Sometimes video may have more views but stay lower than video with less views. Hope you will enjoy the website as much as I do. Thanks for viewing the web site. You may contact me via LinkedIn and/or subscribe on my Telegram Channel and Instagram

Best regards, Andrew